And now, a word for our Founder.

As many of you know, Bill Brokaw founded our agency on April Fools Day, 1992.

For all of us here, that was a pretty big day. And Bill’s self-deprecating sense of humor and dedication to his craft still serves as the inspiration for everything we do. So consider this an e-shout-out for a man who just had a pretty great day this past Wednesday.

Over lunch, Bill took part in the Cleveland Ad Club’s “When They Were Mad Men” panel. And while there was some debate over the AMC drama’s portrayal of liquid lunches, mailroom rendezvous, and Don Draper’s libido (Bill’s vote: mostly accurate)—there was one thing everyone could agree on: Bill has the best stories in town. Between sharing really inappropriate quotes from the original Ronald McDonald (“#$%@ing kids”), to industry maxims that still hold true like, “keep it simple,” to the creation of his legendary “Ray Jay” spot for Natural Light, Bill owned the room.
And that same evening, the Brokaw family added another new Mad Man to the fold, as Co-CEO Tim Brokaw and his wife welcomed Luke Joseph Brokaw into the world. (Mom, Dad, and little Skywalker are all doing well.)

So congratulations and way to go, Founder. You’re still the man. And, as always, watch that first step.

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