How to get through your next meeting.

Are you on your way to another L.B.M. (long, boring meeting)? Or even worse, are you in one now while reading this on your iPhone? (Woah, that’s kind of rude.) Okay, stay calm. And awake. We’re about to give you some tips to help turn your meeting into “a doing.” Or more like, “Results Fest 2K11.” Woo-hoo!! Who’s engaged now? You are. Sort of.

Rule of 5
– Sorry Mr. Associate Vice President to the Managing Supervisor. No more than five people per meeting. If you’re not adding value, we’re subtracting you. If you don’t come prepared and prepped, don’t come. Unless you bring donuts.

Schedule shorter meetings
– Most email calendars like Microsoft allow you to schedule meetings in minute-long increments. Use this feature. Please. Every meeting isn’t the same. Every meeting has a different agenda.

You do have an agenda, right boss?
You better. We’ve got work to do—not to mention, a YouTube video to watch. So, who’s running the show here? What do we want to accomplish? And after it’s over, who’s going to send out a conference report with next steps? Don’t look at us, Meeting Caller.

Lose the chairs
– At least that’s what Seth suggests.

If all else fails, entertain yourself
. Just print out the scorecard below. And watch the hours fly by.


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