Trust us . . . great relationships = great work

Why is there so much dismissively average work in the world today? Because it’s easier, faster, cheaper, and safer. Let’s face it, great work entails risk. And most of us want to avoid risk. So, how do we get our clients to take a leap of faith and do the kind of work that helps turn a local rustbelt dinosaur into an innovative engineering partner? Or turn an unfamiliar flavored-water into a global icon—not to mention, the star of last year’s Winter Olympics? Trust. As Robert Solomon states in his must-read for any marketing professional, “Clients are much more likely to do great work with people they trust.” Think of it in horrible PowerPoint terms:

In other news, zero trust = huge ratings

Never mind the fact he’s had three failed marriages and a serious drug addiction, Charlie “Wild Thing” Sheen has been a major network and social media rock star this past week. Proof, that maybe he really isn’t bi-polar. Just . . . . bi-winning?!


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