Who wants apps?

By Brokaw Digital Media Strategist, Katie Riley

According to recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, consumers consider apps a must have. In fact, more than three-quarters of mobile app users said they expected all brand name companies to have a mobile application, and nearly as many said they expected the app to be easier to use than the company’s website.

So how do you avoid creating an app that is downloaded and then just sits on a phone?

Do not copy websites and make them into an app. Apps allow users to use location data, social data and data on their peers for a rich experience. Your phone knows a lot of things your computer doesn’t, which makes it a more intimate experience. How can you capitalize on that?

Make it quick. Just because a user has their phone on them all day, don’t assume they have all day to spend with your app. They will be using this while they are waiting for the bus, boarding their flight or even waiting for a webpage to load on their laptop/desktop/TV. Everything you want the user to experience with your app should be easy to find and they should be able to accomplish what you want them to accomplish in a few minutes.

Keep the content fresh. If the app is not being updated with more information, the user does not have a reason to use it more than once. Listen to what users are saying about your app and what you like/don’t like about apps that you use on your mobile phone to make appropriate updates.


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