Rising above tomorrow’s taglines, today!

Does your company have a tagline? Is it pretty inspirational? Has it become a rally cry that speaks to the hearts of millions, including your employees? (Should we cue the crickets?) Truth is, most company slogans drown into sea of corporate blah blah. As John Lyon noted in his book Guts, just pick a word from each column and EUREKA! you’ve just created a new tagline.

The Spirit of Tomorrow’s Innovations, today! (Yay, you did it!) In the words of ad legend Luke Sullivan, “unless you plan on coining the next ‘Just do it’ . . . just don’t. It makes your brand that much more forgettable.”


The future of innovative technology, today!

Welcome to the latest tech trend guaranteed to make your head explode. Welcome to Japan—where the rock stars are actually holograms. (Never mind the fact R2-D2 possessed this technology 30 years ago.)


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