It’s time to drive you off the fence.

First off, we’d like to thank a national new biz prospect for inspiring this post, after leaving us a chipper voicemail inviting us to participate in their “reverse auction” pitch, where the lowest bidding agencies advance to the next round. (Delete.)

Which leads us to get on our soapbox and shout over the interwebs . . . DOES ANYONE VALUE GREAT WORK ANYMORE?! Or do most marketers today just look at brand strategy, creative, and ad agencies like a commodity, as if they’re shopping for a carton of eggs?

For you courageous souls who truly do value great work, believe in it, and see the impact of it, but just need a little help understanding what makes great work great . . . we’d like to share with you our proprietary BS4CGIW™©® (Brokaw’s Standards For Creating Great Impactful Work.)

All this, for a price you can’t beat . . . FREE! (Chew on that, Prospect McEggy.)


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