Welcome to Steve-land.

At Brokaw, we value nice, creative, passionate people who think-they-can, think-they-can. And when we say “nice,” we don’t just mean smiley-face nice : ). We mean “Steve McKeown nice”—as in our ego-less, selfless creative director who has set the creative bar at Brokaw for the past 15 years . . . with a smile, of course. (Picture Don Draper and Mother Teresa having a baby together and then naming it “Steve.”)

Over the years, Steve has helped turn our clients into marketing rock stars, and our humble, little agency into a semi-creative powerhouse with hundreds of badges of mediocrity to prove it—One Show, Communication Arts Advertising Annual, Art Director’s Club, Radio Mercury’s, National ADDYs, “The Greatest Ad Agency in the World” honors according to Uncle Google,” blah blah blah.

All this without ever tooting his own horn. That’s just not Steve. (Which is why he might get a little angry when he sees this newsletter—that is, if Steve ever got angry. p.s. He doesn’t.)

We think ad legend Luke Sullivan summarizes it best in his blog: “Great CD’s are almost always great people, too.” Amen, Luke. Amen.  


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