Consumer-Generated Blah Blah

Has consumer-generated advertising lost its luster? Has this tactic become more invisible to consumers than engaging? Has user-generated content in general jumped the shark? Has the phrase “jump the shark” . . . jumped the shark?  We want answers, people.

After all, according to a recent article in Ad Age, “If the consumer is your agency, it’s time for a review.” What’s ironic is that the comments to this article are actually a lot more interesting than the article itself. (Aren’t they always?) Further proof the power has shifted to the people. Yes, getting your consumers to create your next ad, logo, or jingle might not yield great results. But engaging your consumers in real, meaningful conversations will always have value, and never “jump the shark.” Right, Fonzarelli?

In other consumer-generated news . . .

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video.


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