Aw, Nuts. Cleveland-Style!

Well, it happened again. This time, the sport was basketball and the opposing team was in green. And of course, many people are making this out to be the end of the world. But honestly, this is old hat for us.

As the media is so fond of pointing out again and again, Cleveland has had our sports dreams stomped on before. Even crummy sketch comedy groups make parody videos about it. But no city, no population, is more apt to survive this latest meltdown than Cleveland. Our skin is so thick, it has another twelve layers of even thicker skin beneath it. And that’s where we find an opportunity.

It’s time to embrace this one. Detroit is known as the Motor City because they (sort of?) still make cars there. Chicago is the Windy City because of all their hurricanes. L.A. is Tinsel Town because they love Christmas. And now, Cleveland, Ohio is officially Heartbreak City. Where athletic misfortune is our chief export.

This is usually the part of this newsletter where we spin everything that’s come before it into some great marketing lesson. But in lieu of you agreeing to call Cleveland the Heartbreak City, we’ll spare you all of that and just wish you good luck. Because we’ve always got next year, right? Please?


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