In with the outdoor.

Instead of getting on our high, electronic horse and preaching about the value of the interwebs, social media, mobile marketing, QR codes, FourSquare, iPads, blah blah blah—we’d like to make a case for an old medium. We’re talking outdoor. (That’s “billboards” to you laid back non-marketing folk.) When done right, outdoor is still extremely effective, and will be for a long, long time—at least until the year 2000 when we all have flying cars (nice try, Clarkey).

Let’s face it, outdoor boards are unavoidable. Today, you can zap past TV spots. You can listen to commercial-free radio. You can unsubscribe to self-absorbed e-newsletters (we don’t know what you’re talking about). But you can’t ignore that ginormous canvas you pass on the interstate every morning, right Texty? Which might explain how we were able to help a local restaurant chain with limited brand awareness increase comp sales by 10% with just outdoor alone. Proof that not all traditional media is dead yet. Feel free to tweet that on your Skype machine, Johnny McFacebook.


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