What makes a great culture.

YOUR PEOPLE—We want to thank Ad Age for the great lil’ shout out this week about the best culture attracting the best talent, but we actually think the best talent leads to the best culture. Forgive the “blah blah” cliché, but our most valuable assets go down the elevator every night. (Actually, it’s more like a 16-foot spiral, steel death trap, but that’s a different story.)

So, instead of trying to manufacture a unique culture, why not just hire brilliantly talented people who value what you do (i.e., great work, wigs, mustaches, Lebron’s elbow, etc.), and then set them free?

Instead of trying to motivate your employees with overused values and absurd acronyms (time to get in S.C.H.A.P.E.?), why not just hire self-motivated people who happen to be nice? Yes, we’re oversimplifying things to prove a very simple point: stop making it so difficult. Seriously. If you hire them, they will build it. (Yep, evenField of Dreams got it wrong.)

YOUR SWAG?—Besides great people, we also believe great swag can lead to a better culture. Which is why we need your help. Please vote for your favorite Brokaw T-shirt design. For your participation, we’ll send you a free shirt. Or maybe just a, “Hey, thanks for the feedback. p.s. Who made you creative director? Oh yeah—we did. Sorry.”


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