The Value of FourSquare.

Time for recess, class. It’s time to play some FourSquare. You know, the new location-based application for your iPhone, Crackberry, or Droid that lets the whole world know your physical location. We know what you’re thinking—oh no, not another social media tool to unleash your inner, self-important, narcissistic, wannabe-celebrity status. But don’t ignore this just yet, there’s some serious marketing value to this time waster. For example:

  • FourSquare encourages brand loyalty. The person who “checks in” to your business the most becomes “the mayor” of that location. So, why not reward your #1 fan and give him or her a free nights stay at your hotel, a $30 coupon to your gift shop, or a tall, frosty adult beverage at your world renowned craft brewery. Let’s drive more traffic to your business by turning this into a friendly competition, where customers fight for mayorship.
  • FourSquare lets you identify your best customers. See what people are saying about your restaurantmuseumairport, or hotel—and what tips they’re leaving for other people checking in. (p.s. The fried green tomatoes at the DoubleTree in Lexington, Kentucky really are mind blowing.)
  • FourSquare isn’t going away. In fact, it’s up to 725,000 users in just under a year, with over 22 million check-ins by its users. So you might want to at least experiment with this untapped new technology. It just might become the Twitter of 2010.  Or maybe not. If you’ve played around with FourSquare, we’d love to hear your thoughts. And, of course, post any suggestions about Brokaw Inc. the next time you’re here. (p.s. You’ve really got to try their “consumer insights.” Boy, are they good!)

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