You speak human?

You spent thousands of marketing dollars and countless hours analyzing quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies, competitive audits, internal stakeholder interviews, and media consumption habits.  All this for the chance to get in front of exactly the right audience at exactly the right time and say . . . “Synchronizing the world of commerce”!? (To borrow a line from a local used car salesman whose $10 cracker jack slogan is more memorable than this billion dollar blah blah . . . “Are you kidding me?”)

Truth is, you could have the best strategy and best media/connections/distribution plan in the world. But if your message doesn’t connect to people credibly, emotionally, and immediately, you’re wasting your time and money. Bottom line is start talking to your consumers like people. Not marketing robots. Or committees. Or 65-page “decks.” (p.s. you mind if we just call it a PowerPoint?)

Speaking of PowerPoint . . .


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