Who are you?

It’s no coincidence we launched our new identity and new web site the same weekend The Who performed “Who are you?” at the Super Bowl. Actually, it is. But that’s not the point. The point is: we think our new identity truly captures who we are. It’s simple. It’s fresh. It’s bold. It’s understated. It’s us—a humble, little global agency on a mission to help a handful of premier brands rise above the blah blah. Including our own.

And as any great brand steward knows, your entire identity system—logo design, style guide, web site, review form, blog, environmental design, etc.—must be ruthlessly carved out of purpose. Otherwise, your audience will be as confused about your brand as we are about Roger Daltrey’s hair. (Seriously, what was going on there?)

Where are you?

We’re at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, eh? Well, at least Brokaw’s Steve McKeown and Pat Pujolas are. Click here to follow them on Facebook live from Vancouver. Their updates are almost as entertaining as watching women’s curling at 4 a.m. (Almost.)


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