Scary Times.

Scary times.

The only thing scarier than seeing Gregg’s “Balloon Boy” costume in last week’s O-news, is the overwhelming response it generated. (Seriously, we must’ve gotten at least two emails and one phone call.) So in light of that, and the fact that tomorrow’s a holiday, and you probably don’t want to hear us start preaching again about the value of emotionally connecting with your audience through social media blah blah blah . . . we thought we’d just give your brains some candy. In the form of bad, last-minute Halloween costume ideas—thanks to some really awful photoshopping done on an iPhone. Hope you enjoy. p.s. name all of Brokaw models below, and win a very special holiday treat. Just post your answers to our MyFace or Spacebook page. Sweet.

Topical ideas:

H1NI Vaccine. Variations include wearing a white coat and pig mask.

Timeless ideas:

Giant Hot Dog. Can’t go wrong with the classics. Get two more wieners to join you, and you could have Sugardale Hot Dog races all night long. How awesome is that?

Ideas for men with mustaches:

The Pedro. The Ditka. The Bandit. Need more?

Dead, but not forgotten ideas:

Farewell, Farrah.

So long, Swayze. Say hi to Farley for us.

Bye, Billy— King of Informercials.

And last but not least, goodbye King of Pop. Or is it more appropriate to say, “Just beat it.” (Probably not.)
Hope these last-minute ideas help. Have a great, un-blah Halloween, everybody.

Jon & Kate. Plus or minus “the eight.” Or the bodyguard. Or the third grade teacher. Get creative, folks.


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