Back to school.


Remember your first day back to school? Nervous you would miss the bus. Worried you’d forget your locker combination. Hoping against hope that your blue Batman lunchbox wasn’t too last year.
Well, let’s take a step back to Advertising Elementary for a quick lesson: Advertising is not the same thing as selling. So, what makes advertising different?
Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?  

To put it into perspective, let’s consider a few variables in the purchase decision: price, packaging, perceived value, color/shape, shelf placement, celebrity endorsement, product features, distribution, referrals/blogs/Twitter (word of mouth), salespersons, third-party endorsements (consumer reports), trial/experience, promotions/incentives, values/lifestyle match, ease of use, brand inertia, and then the many esoteric factors, like how many marketing words will you read in a list before you skip ahead to the next paragraph?Obviously, advertising cannot carry the entire burden of sales. However, what advertising CAN do is even better. Advertising can set the stage for selling, by starting a relationship between the brand and the consumer. As any master salesperson will tell you, sales are built on relationships.  
And sometimes, well, relationships lead to babies. Congrats to Tim, who is the proud father of five-day-old, soon-to-be-CMO, Max Timothy Brokaw. Yes, the baby takeover continues.


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