Advertising is bigger than just “advertising.”

Sorry, Don Draper. Media-driven advertising is just the tip of the iceberg, the scenic white peak that passengers on the Titanic must have marveled at, moments before they were dumped into the sea and eaten by sharks. But advertising, as a whole, is bigger than that scenic white peak. It includes all the messaging and signals surrounding your brand.

It’s everything beneath the surface that supports the pretty, white peak of messaging. And when that “everything” coalesces, your advertising holds the strength of a seven-million-ton, solid, spherical, icy battering ram. (Yeah, like a big ram rumble.)

According to who–the world’s greatest ad agency?!?

You know we’re too humble to say something like that. But for kicks and giggles let’s Google “world’s greatest ad agency.” Well, looky who climbed up to number one. I’ll be.

Advertising is the packaging on your product; it’s the “tweeple” following your “tweets” (except for yesterday); it’s the clothes you wear; it’s your old on-hold music; it’s the search function on your web site; it’s the tone and voice of your e-newsletters; it’s the smell of cookies coming from your oven or the dead goat smell wafting from your conference room (we’re working on it, people); it’s the time and energy you put into making a viral video.

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