Excuse the bad puns, we’re just excited about landing the Cleveland Airports account. Especially considering the fact the RFP was air-mailed to 92 agencies across the country. But don’t crack open that celebratory bag of peanuts just yet, Captain Horn Tooter. We’ve got some serious work ahead of us, if we’re serious about putting CLE on the global map. (p.s. We are.)
So, where do we begin this journey?
In the discover phase, of course. After all, we’ll never know how high we climb, unless we measure current perceptions using all types of inventive quantitative and qualitative tactics. Including this O-news. Seriously.
If you’ve ever flown into Cleveland (or like the movie Airplane), please take 30 seconds to fill out this four-question survey. It’s just part of the Brocess™®©.
The what?
Every agency has a blah blah proprietary process. We’re no different. We call ours the Brocess™®©.  Only it’s not really trademarked. We just thought it looked cool.
By following this road map, err, flight pattern. . . together, we can help our clients move mountains. Or at least real big planes.
Thanks again for all of your invaluable CLE insights. Now please put all tray tables up and prepare to turn a so-called “fly-over city” into a serious destination. (Right, Shaq?)

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