A Simple Message.

(For a simpler message, just read the highlighted area.)

As a marketer you want everyone to know all of the wonderful things your brand stands for (i.e., trust, innovation, compassion, the community, the environment, mutual respect, integrity, the children, triple bottom line, synergisticism, fun & poop, etc). And of course, you want the world to know the long list of incredible brand features and benefits that makes you different from the rest. Something you take great pride in touting in every ad, press release, PowerPoint presentation, microsite, Facebook update, tweet . . . stop it right now. Seriously.

Instead of differentiating yourself, you’re actually making your brand more invisible. As Bill Schley points in his must-read book Why Johnny Can’t Brand, “ People only remember one thing.” Our brains only allow us to process one marketing message at a time. The rest is just blah blah. (Need a demonstration?)

So, what is that one simple thing that makes you you? That one thing your consumers love, value, and want? That one thing you can leverage at every point of contact? Volvos are safe. Apple is simple. The Economist is smart. Axe is for dirty boys. Walmart is great for recessions. A Prius is green. Brokaw is ______ (Feel free to respond. Inquiring left brains here want to know.)

If you can’t sum it up in a few words, chances are, you haven’t gotten down to the essence yet. Dig deeper, Dr. Jones. You’ll find it.

In summary:



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