Recession? What recession?

Cheer up, Charlie.
Tips for helping your brand rise above a sagging economy:
1.) Think small and become immature According to a recent article in Ad Age, “Mature agencies tend to avoid risk, and prefer safe ideas. For sustained growth in a recession, ideas are the currency of competitiveness. Make sure your agency is smart, nimble, hungry, and immature.” (Okay, let’s see . . . smart? Check. Nimble? Check. Hungry? Double check. Immature? Umm, does the “Lehman brothers” video below count?)
2. ) Don’t be a knee-jerk Recessions tend to induce a short-sighted reaction away from brand building in favor of short-term price promotions and coupons. This not only devalues your brand, but it’s hard to wean consumers off it.
3.) Go for the low-hanging fruit Try improving things that can give your brand a quick boost and injection of buzz without a daunting investment or lengthy development. Things like cost-effective “edu-taining” online videos (including this gem from last week’s O-news that some of you asked to see again. Oh, Mark.)
One way to make light of bad times.
(And, well, get over a million hits on YouTube.)

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