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Study: 4 out of 5 brains will forget your ad

Just what you wanted to hear. Another reason why people didn’t see your ad (or respond to it). It’s called “low attention processing” and chances are, you practice it on a regular basis.   Ever flip through a PowerPoint deck at home while watching a football game? Or drive into work while listening to the radio—and texting someone? Or practice your magic tricks in the bathroom when you’re supposed to be driving a boat? Tsk tsk. You probably missed some poor shmoe’s super important ad. Or did you? (sfx: dun dun dun…)   According to Heath (the scientist, not the candy bar), brand information can be acquired at low attention levels through non-reasoning cognitive processes (implicit memory). In other words: you may be learning stuff about brands and products, even if you can’t recall where or when you learned it. Which as you can imagine, has big implications for your advertising. We’re talking big.

So, some unsolicited advice (which we’re famous for)… For starters, don’t bother with the laundry list of rational benefits. Nobody cares. Or more accurately, nobody’s subconscious mind cares. Do bother making an emotional connection with the target; according to Heath, those associations can and will trigger somatic markers (emotions) during future decision processing. Regardless of attention levels or recall. Damasio and Schacter agree. (Boy, there’s a rarity. Right? Right? Zzzzzzz.)   Last, one more thought: let’s all aim for the highest ground, to become the most captivating and brilliant element in the room. (Or car. Or boat.) As anyone will tell you, explicit memory beats the crap out of implicit. And you can quote us on that.

Study: 5 out of 5 people bored by previous article

This just in: the majority of people hate reading long, boring articles about pseudo-scientific marketing studies. Instead, those people prefer to focus on relevant and topical information, such as the Olympics, the lives of celebrities, and breaking news. We at Brokaw are always happy to oblige.


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