How do you build some buzz and excitement around the re-opening the Cleveland Museum of Art – arguably one of the best art museums in the world? Do you just tell people that their favorite world-renowned galleries are open again after three years of renovations? Of course not. This is Brokaw, where we love to get on our O-news soapbox and preach the value of showing vs.telling.

So, what do you say we create a launch campaign that demonstrates how color, culture, and world-renowned art are creeping back into this region, and infusing life everywhere? From city busses, to billboards, to sidewalks, to table tents, to t-shirts, to :10 TV spots, let’s blanket this region. And show the world (not tell them) how art truly is back.


We know what you’re probably thinking: “This is all very pretty, but did it work?” To which we say in our best Napoleon Dynamite voice, “Heck yes it did.” Seriously though, we brought in twice as many people as our goal for opening day, and attendance is continuing to remain strong through the summer. We’ll keep you posted on the actual numbers. In the meantime, check out some more art. As in this sweet “liger” shirt.


Thank heavens. To find out where ESPN ranks “Art” on the “most hated sports owners” list. We’ll give you ONE guess. Here we go Mo-dell here we go. Woof woof.


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