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We believe everything you do is marketing. Everything is advertising. Including this strange weekly O-news. But truth is, the content of this newsletter is only about 20% of what you take away each week. Let’s consider the other factors that play a role in how you feel about it, and subsequently, us.

Are you viewing this on a laptop or your nerd phone (Blackberry)? Are you reading this at work, in the airport, on the golf course, or in a house with screaming kids? Did you open this on a sunny Friday afternoon, or a dreary Monday morning? What email did you read right before this? Was it some funny e-card? Was it from that annoying vendor “just touching base”? Was it a hyperlink to another bad  Brokaw YouTube video?


(Or does your company hopefully put a block on those?) What about lunch? Did you already eat? Do you have indigestion? Do you need a ginger ale?  Get the point?

Sometimes the context (where and when your message appears) is just as important as the content (what your message says). Or in blah blah adspeak: sometimes the medium is the message.

As founding partner Paul Woolmington from Naked Commuications London recently said at a conference we attended, “Everything communicates.” 24/7. And that’s not just your advertising. But your web site. Your lobby. Your hold music. Your recent press. Your packaging. Your logo. Your company car. Your point of sale. Your main conference room. Your sales team. Your office coffee. Your employees.  It all says something about you and your brand.

So, what do our employees say about us? Let’s take a look at a few.

Jeff Dennis – IT Manager. Techie by day. Ultimate-fighter-in-training by night. Seriously. His first “cage fight” is in 6 months. For some reason, computer requests have gone way down here at Brokaw.

Nancy Wiegand – Account Executive. Where do you go after making big bucks at Deloitte right out of college? Umm, Brokaw?!? Interesting. No wonder Nancy can’t stop running. Besides finishing in 18th place in the Cleveland Marathon, she also qualified for the Boston Marathon. Her secret? Bruegger’s bagels, of course.

LaurenStrazisar – Insight Planning Strategist – She has the inside scoop on all the global marketing trends (feel free to email her for a copy of her latest trends report – lstrazisar@brokaw.com). She has an identical twin sister. She can say theabc’s backwards. She likes ketchup but not tomatoes. And she loves the Pistons, especially Rasheed Wallace. (Would somebody please give Lauren a much-needed insight: this is LeBron country.)

Brian Gillen – Associate Creative Director. Award-winning art director (he’s been in the Communication Arts Advertising Annual, Art Director’s Club, National ADDYs, blah blah blah blah.) He draws. He cooks. He sews. He hunts deer. You figure him out. Some call him a renaissance man. We just call him Gillen.

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