Brokaw Motion LLC Joins Brokaw Inc.

Where do go after getting your Master’s, then working for one of the best designers in Europe, and then one of the top designers in the U.S., and then running an extremely successful digital and design business in Chicago for 7 years workingwith some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Harley Davidson, G.E., Kellogg’s and Wilson Staff?

Umm, apparently you give it all up and go work for your dad in Cleveland?!? At least that’s what Gregg Brokaw, founder of Chicago’s Brokaw Motion, is doing, rolling his firm into our Cleveland agency founded by his father, Bill Brokaw. (No wonder he has Van Gogh on his reel. He must be crazy, right?)

Here’s the official press release as well as a sample of Gregg’s work. Impressive.

A Tale of Two Brothers

In the opening pages of Ogilvy on Advertising, advertising legend David Ogilvy advises to, “Never hire your own children.” Oddly enough, Bill Brokaw never read that book. Which might explain how Tim (the Storm Trooper) and Gregg (Chewbacca) are now helping lead Brokaw into the next generation of un-blah-blah-ness. So how’d they get here (besides their last name)?

Here is more on the story of the Brokaw Brothers.


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