The low down. (Or is it “down low?”)

The low down. (Or is it “down low?”)

Is your company on MySpace? Flicker? Facebook? Is it an attempt to target a younger audience and try to be “down” with the kids, or is it an honest means to connect them to your brand? Tread lightly my friends!

“Locating teenagers and young adults is, of course, not enough. Speaking to them with words and images they can relate to is a major challenge for senior — and I mean senior — marketing executives. Young consumers can sniff out condescending pander from boomers like new moms detecting a dirty diaper two rooms away.” – Peter Francese, Ad Age

We think this rule applies to any age group. Don’t try to enter the world of e-commerce as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The best way to talk to the kids, “yo” (don’t do that), or any consumer for that matter is to simply engage them in an honest, relevant conversation that is true to your brand and your unique brand personality. Do this, and you’ll never have to explain what you were “sinking.”


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