Independence Yay!!

Independence Neighhhhh!!!

What better way to celebrate America’s independence (and our day-off tomorrow) than to head to the zoo?   If you like being in tight quarters with large animals, you might enjoy these elevator clings we recently created for the Zookeepers’ Circle. They were designed to engage a captive audience inside elevators. (Okay, scare the bejesus out of them.)

Speaking of elevators . . .
Yes, this video of a guy stuck in our elevator is three months old. But we felt it’s so appropriate for this week’s liberating, patriotic edition, we had to show it again. (God Bless America! And the heroes at Brokaw.)

God Bless the World?

Still not feeling completely free? Do what Matt did. Call Stride Gum and see if they’ll pay for you to fly to 42 countries and, umm . . . dance?!?  Check it out.

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