Do you Hulu?

First came the VCR. Then TiVo. Today, it’s (Hulu-what!?!)

Hulu is an ad supported, video-streaming web site that just added “The Colbert Report” to its list of nearly 700 TV and movie titles. By partnering with FOX and NBC Universal, Hulu can offer viewers FREE, full-length, premium content legally. (Take that, YouTube.) Okay, YouTube has way more visitors right now, but Hulu users are watching more than two hours of content per month.

The good news (for the marketer in you) is that the commercials are from a single sponsor (read: no competition). The bad news (for the consumer in you) is that you can’t zap past all those annoying, “blah blah” ads out there. (Studies show consumers find 98% of all advertising to be “crap.”)

Do you yo-yo?

Congratulations to Associate Creative Director Steve McKeown, winner of Brokaw’s 2008 Biggest Loser Contest. Steve gained 250 bucks by losing a total of 14.8 pounds in 8 weeks. (Yeah, that’s healthy.) Collectively, Brokaw lost enough poundage to get charged at the airport check-in—a whopping 50.9 pounds. Nicely done, yo’s. Now let’s go celebrate with some Slyders at White Castle.

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