The Shoemaker’s Kids

Don’t be the shoemaker’s kids.

How do we find the time every Thursday night (READ: 45 minutes) to write O-News, and/or occasionally interview advertising legend, Alex Bogusky?

After all, shouldn’t we be doing client work? Or watching 30 Rock or Real Housewives of Orange County? According to a recent talk we heard by search consultant David Beals from Jones Lundin Beals . . . “Umm no.”

Beals suggests, “You should approach yourself first and continue to define and differentiate your own brand, as well as your clients’ brands.” Otherwise, you might look like a big, fat, shoeless phony.
To make a long story longer: practice what you preach. Which is good advice for both you clients and prospects reading this (7), as well as you fellow agencies, vendors, and ex-employees reading this (914). Speaking of which . . .
Brokaw – The New Farm System for Wieden + Kennedy?
Good luck to Brokaw’s Vanessa Miller, who got the call up to the big show to work on Nike at W+K in Portland. Yep, Brokaw is quickly turning into the Triple-A Durham Bulls of the ad world. Isn’t that right Alex at Fallon, Erik at Arnold, and Chuck at Digitas? No sour grapes here. Just proud Cleveland raisins. (Go get ’em, Miller!)

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