Brokaw Worldwide?

What do you get when you bring 95 best-in-class marketing firms from 51 countries together in one very un-blah-blah city? The New Orleans Worldwide Partners Network Conference 2008.

(The worldwide what?!?)

Worldwide Partners is the world’s largest network of independent marketing service firms made up of such innovative agencies as: WONGDOODY, 23red in London, Butler Shine and Stern, Trumpet, The Union in Edinburgh, Grupo Zapping in Spain, WE marketing group in China, and some strange little agency in the MidWest with a charming newscaster-like name. (Oh, Uncle Tom.)

To make a long story short:
This is how a small 35-person agency from “the Mistake on the Lake” is able to compete globally (cue the big trumpet swell). The network gives us access to local market research, cultural insights, resources, and operational best practices. So when a client hires us, they hire our partners, too. Or as they say in Polynesia, “la ora na!”
So what the heck did we soak up at the conference in Nawlins?
(Besides a little jazz, architecture, crawfish, and, umm, rum.)
  • The future of digital marketing and brand strategy
  • How to better connect to Cause Consumers (without greenwashing) – The value of the new marketing “P” – Purpose

  • The clash of the creatives: Traditional Conceptual Storytellers vs. Interactive Web Designers
  • Everything is marketing – your ads, PR, office environment, employees, hold music, etc. It all says something about you.
  • You Tube + Consumer Reports = Expo TV
  • The surge in Online TV viewing thanks to sites like
  • And last but not least, this delightful little human truth from WONGDOODY:

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about any of these big insights and big trends from the Big Easy.

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