What’s your blah blah?

In any category, across any medium, you’ll find common themes, messaging, and pictures. We call this invisible, forgettable advertising “blah blah.”

In healthcare, it’s saying, “Our doctors care.”
In the auto industry, it’s showing a super fast car with a super cool soundtrack (or something by Bob Seger).
In higher education, it’s testimonials of happy kids of diverse backgrounds sporting similar backpacks.
In sports, it’s adding the word “nation” to your team name.
In B-to-B advertising, it’s showing a stock photo of two really handsome business guys shaking hands.

In advertising, it’s saying “we get measurable results with our media agnostic thinking,” and, umm, doing a weekly newsletter. (Hey, at least you’re still reading this, right? Hello?)
But enough blah blah from us. We want you to hear your blah blah. So please, tell us what you think everyone is saying or doing in your industry or just advertising in general. Or even better, send us a picture.
In exchange, we’ll give the 10 best blah blah responses a limited edition “blah blah” t-shirt or zip-up hoodie created by the famous designer C. Gabes. (Yes, as in Brokaw art director, Cindy Gabel. Hey, she’s famous in some circles. Like our green one.)
So what are you waiting for? Send us an email. And if it makes us go “ha ha,” we’ll send you some “blah blah.”

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