This is an ad?

Turning something intrusive into something semi-engaging?

Today’s consumer uses a very sophisticated technology to interpret advertising. It’s called a B.S. Meter. And the surest way to set it off is by sounding like an ad. Because let’s face it, an ad says “Turn the page,” “Delete,” or “Honey, can we get TiVo?” So, our advice? Don’t try to look or sound like an ad. Instead create messaging that is so fresh, engaging, and relevant, your consumers actually seek it out. And even participate in it. A wise ad man once said, “People don’t read ads. They read what interests them. Sometimes that’s an ad.”    (Brilliant.)
A few “ads”

We believe everything can be advertising – that is, when done in a way that doesn’t annoy the general public. But rather in a way that entertains, engages, and educates (or as we like to call it “enter-gage-ucates.”)
From interactive elevators that get the town buzzing. Along with the world.
To a web site designed to drive drivers to stop, um, driving.
To a street team of Skinny Santas parading the streets on behalf of a fitness-equipment chain.
To packaging that delivers an engaging brand message, while still housing delicious Bruegger’s cream cheese goodness.
To, well, a strange little online newsletter that usually ends the same way each week. With a cheap laugh from another wacky viral video.  So, here you go. Right on cue.

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