Practice what you preach

All week long, hoards of O-News readers (2) have pummeled us with email, begging us to cool it with the heady, self-important, marketing blah blah we’ve been spewing forth the past couple weeks. Well, we hear your message loud and clear, Yelly McMad. So consider this a break, even if we’re not perceived as brilliant brand “synergizers” this week, and our 362 degree™ integrated e-marketing efforts fail to yield optimal, quantifiable, increased mindshare bouncebackability.

So, you just want some brain candy?  We’ll give you brain candy.

If the 30-second spot is dead, then call us a bunch of necromancers so we can bring this spot back from the grave and watch it until forever o’clock EST. Click here to “chocolate the rainbow.” (p.s. It’s not dead. It’s alive and well, and living on the “Internets” and in our in-boxes. Think how many times this has been forwarded on by young, sophomoric kids . . . well, besides us.)

March Gladness?

Here at Brokaw, we are known for two things: 1. Annoying weekly Friday newsletters 2. And pretending we know things about schools we’ve never even heard of before. Enter March Madness, and the first ever O-News 2000-Great Basketacular bracket office pool. Click here to sign up right now. Our group password is: onews

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