Some Show or Other

A quick recap on the ADDY Show:

Emily almost broke her ankle on the steps outside of the show. Tiny almost punched some jerk during the show. Timmy almost got stabbed by some crazy guy after the show. And, oh yeah, our agency almost won our 9th straight Best of Show. Yeah, overall it was a pretty fun show. Thanks to all of our clients, partners, and employees who encouraged us to get back in this year. And a special thanks to our Cleveland Institute of Art client for joining us. (Hope we didn’t embarrass you too much, Maria.)
Click here for more details on the show, and here to learn why we re-entered it after a three-year hiatus. (Like anyone cares.)
Why anyone should care about awards:
According to a recent study done by Leo Burnett, 82% of all work that won the most awards at advertising award shows like C.A., the One Show, and the national ADDYs “exceeded business objectives.” Truth is, most shows recognize work that is fresh, original, and relevant. Which is exactly the kind of work needed to rise above today’s blah blah, media-cluttered, TiVo-zapping world to increase brand value. It’s a simple equation, really: Better, simpler, smarter, more original-er work = better results.
p.s. – Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend, and stop in your nearest White Castle for some free Slyders. Mmmmmmm . . . Slyders!


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