Some Simple Advice

How to Connect in Today’s Blah-Blah-Blah World
{Or “How to keep you from unsubscribing every week.”}
1.) Heed the advice of the 30-year-old picture hanging above our founder’s desk. Tell it simple.
(Obviously, Bill’s wisdom lives up to that of his celebrity look-alike. . . insightful Bill, you are.)
2.) Tell it simple everywhere – beyond just your advertising.
That includes your Web site, collateral, business cards, newsletters, emails, press releases, legal contracts (is that possible?), cover letters, interview questionnaires, RFPs, logo, hold messaging, dress code, packaging, and text messages. (Excuse us, we meant “txt msgs.”)  Click here to see how difficult it is to be simple.
3.) Last, but not least, hire Alex Perez to be your spokesperson.
Especially if you’re trying to connect to the youth in a simple way. Seriously. This guy rules. Click here to see some of Alex’s latest cutting-edge work, including his top commercial contest entries.

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