What Women Want

No we’re not talking about the movie where that crazy guy plays a chauvinistic ad exec who suddenly gets the power to read women’s minds, not to mention, relate to his daughter over a loud montage featuring Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants,” as she tries on different prom dresses. (Eww boy.) No, we’re talking about real life here folks – as in how to do a better job engaging real women in the real world. So, what do women really want?
To be considered
Especially the “boomer” women (age 40 and older). According to recent studies, this group is now 50% bigger than the 18-39 group. In fact, these women control or influence 80% of all purchases ranging from televisions to healthcare to delicious garden veggie cream cheese. Engage them, and you shall be rewarded, grasshopper.
Empathy, not rivalry – As stated in the Fast Company article Where the Bucks Are, “Ads that talk about outranking others and defeating opponents are great for guys, rotten for women.” (Take that down, Hillary.)
Honesty – Love it or hate it, Dove’s brutally honest “Real Beauty” campaign has millions of people talking about the effect of media on body image. Guess that’s one way to sell more soap.

Honesty from an honest, un-hypocritical company
– Dove is owned by Unilever. Unilever also owns Axe. And Axe body spray – to put it bluntly – owns hormonal young males. Yes, they’re two totally different targets. And yes, in that respect, both campaigns have both been brilliantly successful. However, not everyone’s buying it. (See below.)

To have fun
– Even if that means encouraging your daughter to make a complete fool of herself singing (screaming) “since you’ve been gone” in front of thousands of crazed fans at the Kelly Clarkson concert. To view some of the work we did for vitaminwater, click here.

What women don’t want:

According to recent studies, most women don’t want mom jeans.

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