Thank Us For Holding

Our purpose at Brokaw is to help brands rise above the blah blah – across any category, and any medium. Which includes arguably the most excruciatingly unavoidable medium in the world – on-hold music.

That’s why we’re honored to win Inside Business Magazine’s 2007 Best of Business award for, you guessed it, Best On-Hold Music. Think it falls under the “so awful, it’s good . . . even after 2 years” category.

However, as sad as this may sound, this strange lil’ ditty does capture our brand.

Does yours?

After all, your on-hold entertainment says a lot about your company and
brand image. (TRANSLATION: cool it with the tenor sax there Kenny G.)
Check out the full Inside Business article.

Or click here to rock your pencil’s eraser off.


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