12 Kinds of Ads

Donald Gunn’s 12 Kinds of Ads

In 1978, a Creative Director at Leo Burnett by the name of Donald Gunn took a year sabbatical to try and develop a proven formula for creating great ads. And after studying the best advertising he could find, he determined that nearly all good ads fall into one of 12 master formats. Which, during this fair season, kind of reminded us of the 12 days of Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Fun Holiday Ad-ctivity:

What Donald Gunn category do these two holiday ads fall under?

1. Skinny Santa Non-Traditional Ad. Brokaw, in Cleveland, hired teams of Skinny Santas to appear around Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus, promoting a fitness equipment retailer.

2.  Mac TV Ad: TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles
(Send answers to Mark at mmckenzie@brokaw.com. First one right will receive a very un-blah, holiday mystery gift.)

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