The Indeconstructables

The Indeconstructables
by Greg Thomas
It’s the new breed of superhero. More powerful. More dynamic. It’s The Indeconstructables. Advertising ideas that can’t be reduced—whose origins can’t be traced to any individual advertising function or department.

From the brave agencies that have begun to reintegrate media thinking into the creative process are coming brilliant ideas that reflect an inherent respect for the consumer and a shifting in the relationship between people and advertising. Subservient Chicken, BMW Films, Counterfeit Mini—media ideas? Creative ideas? Promotions ideas? Does it matter? Yes, and no. 

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Who’s older?
A woman gives birth to baby Peter, at 1:32am this past Sunday. Thirty-four minutes later, Peter’s twin sister, Allison is born. Because of Daylight Saving Time, Allison’s time of birth is 1:06am. So the question is, why the heck did we put this in our newsletter?
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