R.T.A. Named Best on the Continent

Boston might have the “T”. And Chicago might have the “L.” But we’ve got the “APTAN1TINA” – that is, the “American Public Transportation Association’s number one transit in North America.” (How you like them apples, Bean Town?)

Seriously though, congratulations to our client, RTA, for beating out some serious competition to win this prestigious honor. Of course, we can’t take all the credit for the increase in ridership, customer satisfaction, great PR, and elevated image.

(Okay, maybe a little smidgin of credit.)

There’s No Crying in Baseball

Well, actually there is if you’re a Yankees announcer on-air after the Tribe defeated the Yanks on Monday night.
Listen to sad Suzyn Waldman’s Division Series breakdown.

The best (READ: the worst) thing we’ve seen on the InterWebs in a Long Time


It’s called Star Wars Trumpet and it features a bedazzled unitard, an imaginary laser trumpet,
and incredible dance moves. Hopefully, it will deliver a blast of sunshine into what has been mostly an overcast week.


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